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DVD / BLURAY // Authoring, Transfers and Duplications

The DVD is still the most leading format to present your media and to store on. High quality imagery & sound. REVERY can make and print quality DVDs, whether it’s a home video or full broadcast production we have the facility for transfering video and authoring a quality DVD. The distribution of your final product, can carry on through REVERY. Bluray is also available for authoring and printing.

Authoring and Design

Authoring And Design

Designing the dvd / bluray is prior and during authoring. REVERY will discuss themes, artwork, and the media that will be used. Authoring is the construction of the DVD / Bluray, the functions on menus, the quality of the media, interactive menus, sub menus, subtitles, setup, alternative video/audio tracks, and even hidden items.

Duplications and Transfers

Duplications And Transfers

Increase your DVD / Bluray amount at ease, we offer a duplication service. We also offer a transfer/conversion service, convert a wide range of formats to DVD. Transfer your old footage to dvd, or anything you want to the latest digital format. Click on the DVD icon for more information.


According to the design/theme of the dvd / bluray, you can have a printed artwork on the surface of the DVD / bluray, and also cover for the dvd case. Disc printing is availble in inkjet or high quality thermal printing. We work out your requirements and provide you a quote.