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Aerial Cinematography & Photography Gold Coast

Aerial footage and photos is now becoming more accessable for production and photography purposes. The intelligence of the drone combined with a high quality 4k camera, brings you a powerful package giving you the most incredible views that normally would be a huge expense to achieve. Now in this small package the drone is ready to go wherever and whenever you need it to go.

A fresh and innovative approach for your next production.

4k Aerial Cinematography

4k Aerial Cinematography

We use the intelligent DJI drones, they film amazing 4K video footage up to 60fps, and in HD up to 180fps. Aerial footage can be used to deliver views of landscapes, realestate, architecture, business operations, industrial and agriculture. The view from the drone is one you’ll never forget and will share an incredible new side of the story for your next production.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Increase your DVD / Bluray amount at ease, we offer a duplication service. We also offer a transfer/conversion service, convert a wide range of formats to DVD. Transfer your old footage to dvd, or anything you want to the latest digital format. Click on the DVD icon for more information.

Benefits of Aerial photography

• Dynamic aerial view of the property
• Reveals an aspect of properties that is not seen at ground level photography
• Promotes and highlights not only the property but also the location surrounding the property
• Effectively captures the interest of potential buyers
• A point of difference to potential clients by offering Aerial photography as part of the services you provide

Try Aerial Photography, we provide a fast turn around and can offer a same day service.