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Video Marketing Campaign

Video with results!

Get your video in the perfect spotlight!

We often find that a client needs a video but don't know what to with it, they start with we'll put it on our website or on our Facebook page and hope that someone see's it. This often doesn't lead to results, Just like your website you need to create a marketing campaign for people to see it. You need to think of video as a conversion tool and not an advertisement, sounds strange right when you have just created a commercial? Until you pay for your advertising spots then it becomes an advertisement! More than words on a page video is a key tool for converting your clients. Our focus at Revery is to help you achieve your target audience!

Know your target audience!

Before you start a marketing campaign you must know your target market. Without knowing avatar it will make it hard to place a video infront of them? Once you know who they are, you will then know what type if marketing message is needed and where your target hangs out, whether that is Facebook, youtube, emails, tv, cinema or likes to search google. All these areas are places you can put your video in front of your target!

To make your video campaign a hit, you need to put time and money into making something your target audience will actually want to watch. Then, to pick the right channels and distribution strategies, you need to learn how your audience interact and make decisions, what they enjoy and what motivates them.

Do you need a video?

Video has been one of the most common used conversion tools to date, before websites and social media was around, video was the only motion digital medium to advertise. We are so used to it from Television and movies, it is a form of information we can easily watch and enjoy. Even today there is over 15million people just in Australia watching youtube monthly, this is 60% of Australia on social media platforms. If you think about it 60% of Australians are on youtube, these are people who know how to use the internet for pleasure but also for research and shopping, so if you think that your target audience is within that 60%, then YES YOU SHOULD HAVE VIDEO!

Marketing Campaign 3 Targeted Areas

Once you’ve worked out your target audience and understood the video message you need to convey for them, then bellow are key areas that we work on to distribute that message!


  • Video Landing Page
  • Youtube Channel
  • Google Adwords Campaign

    Instant advertising/Pay per click

  • SEO

    3 to 6 months before results!

  • Statistics and Testing
  • Direct Page Link to Video Page
  • Top Page On Search Engines
  • Mobile Viewing

Social Media

  • Online Social Campaign
  • First 5sec Hook/Grab
  • Categories and Local Marketing
  • Video Alternatives
  • Youtube

    Google Page and Channel Setup, direct link to webpage.

  • Facebook

    Scheduled, Leads direct to Facebook page or website and contact form.

  • Impressions or Clicks
  • Youtube intro Ads
  • Heading and Keyword Search
  • Statistics and Testing
  • Mobile Viewing


  • 15 or 30sec Video
  • Broadcast Ready
  • Advertisement
  • Cinema Advertisement
  • Local or International Time slots
  • Package towards your Budget

So whats next?

Decide where you want to advertise, and test the market, define your audience to narrow it down! You need to put your video in-front of your target! Revery will setup your campaign to gain you results and conversions!

Including video in your business website home or landing page can capture visitor attention more quickly. Those crucial introductory seconds on your site determine whether a visitor will stay or move on.

Target: 24.6 Million Australian Population
15million Australians Youtube & Facebook Active Monthly Users
23.0 million Australians monthly watch FreeTV
Australians attend the Cinemas up to 6 times per year
*Stats from socialmedianews.com.au, freetv.com.au and screenaustralia.com.au

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Check out some world wide stats!

Ready to start your Campaign?

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    Long Gone are the days of Street Signage and Shop Front Business.

    Over the years of being in business the marketing strategies have changed so much, and that is not because of the competition it is because of the technology that is out there. This technology evolves because of the user and to improve the user experience.

    Businesses really have to push and invest into a placement on the evolving technology, as we will be standing and waiting if we don’t. People search the web or watch TV before they decide to come to you, so send out an invitation with a digital campaign.

    Another key thought is we should be advertising for the next generation, they are utilising all the tools in social, mobile and Tv. The younger demographic dominates the audience, but there is growth amongst all age demographics. Create diverse media that will work and perform effectively!