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School Video Production // Educative and fun

Video productions for schools, we believe should be treated with quality and dimension, as it is the face of the the school beyond the school boundaries. It is also a tool, to be able to create a presence of the school values and morals, with each year passing changes happen video you can quickly summaries the message you would like to get across, representing, students, playground and education in classrooms. Capture the moments and memories throughout a school year, and present them in your assemblies and online. Use the videos as a tool for education and promotions. Ask students questionares/vox pops, create a life aspect to your school, show a year in the life of your school video and most importantly, inspire and motivate the students and parents through a medium of video!

Create // Responsive / Educative

REVERY is experienced working in the school field, working with teachers and students. We believe that to be part of the school life and experience, video can connect with families and surroundings. We take care of your media and footage, and have it organised and ready to be available throughout the year. We build a system with you to keep everything up to date, and can create a quality video when required. We discuss your goals, targets, values and your presentation dates, so that we can be ready to perform througout the year. We believe that certain staff members should also be part of the process, and will work with them so that we can capture the atmosphere and life of the school.

School Productions // make your school shine

We believe in bringing out your school’s quality and values, capturing the school’s incentives with high standard videos, from events to making an educative production videos, videos like:

  • School Promotional & Testimonials
  • School and Graduation Assembly
  • Valedictory Dinner/Formals/Anniversaries
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Sports/Swimming Carnivals
  • Musicals/Drama/Music Showcase/Orchestra Enssemble
  • Interviews
  • General Events/Arts/Craft/Woodwork


 School Values

A school value in this case was a word, students were ask what did this word meant to them, they all had to explain what they felt, and was put together revealing the school value.

 A Day in the life

From the very beginings, shareing the journey of a student throughtout the day, right till the end when it’s time to go home. This video is a great type of promotional material for your school, a video that presents the school environment at it’s best, and capturing the moments of joy, teaching, learning and creativity.

Event filming

Capture an event or assembly and create a highlight video, to keep and share the schools movements/memories, online or at special presentations.

The Plan

It is a coordianted effort between us and the involvement of a staff member/s. We work along side your staff, to create, brainstorm ideas and design key concepts that will bring out the values in the school. REVERY then plots out the key points, making a script. We then plan our required efforts and requirements from the school so that working together will keep the costs down. We look at the whole year and as much as we can we lock in the dates so that we are ready to make the videos required.


REVERY will come out when needed to film your requirements, we can also do a set production on the school premises for students to be involved and be part of this production. REVERY is also happy to use material’s filmed/photos by staff or students to achieve a video you may need to produce.

Presentations and live productions

REVERY are ready to be part of the whole process on a yearly basis, whether it’s an assembly or a musical, we will make the video presentations ready for the event, then also film the live event for a full production presentation and DVD production.