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BizzShare Fin-Tech ICO

Project Description

Produced, Animated and Edited by REVERY/Daniel Sieff

Bizzshare is a new starting company which is connecting the cryptocurrency to a solid foundation in the property market. Making the investment into this share trustworthy as it is not just based on digits and a powerful option to earn money. If has been backed up with experience financial experts.

Bizzshare required our services to create a video which explained the new service. We worked along side with Cando Financial and Bizzshare, with a script generated by them, we then worked with that script giving suggestions and changes, plus visual ideas to keep the budget for creating the video down. We supplied them with premade samples and kept in mind their end Goal and visual branding to make it work.


Project Details

  • ClientBizzShare
  • Directing/Camera/EditingDaniel Sieff
  • Date2018
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